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February 5, 2024

The Province of Negros Occidental (PGNO) makes a solid move to address the climate and energy crises with the official launch of the SecuRE Negros campaign today. Governor Eugenio Jose "Bong" Lacson led the launch at the Provincial Capitol Social Hall, emphasizing the vital role of renewable energy in ensuring power security.

The SecuRE Negros Campaign signifies Negros Occidental's steadfast commitment to securing its energy future through the transformative power of renewable energy. Focused on establishing reliable energy systems, the campaign aims not only to champion accessibility, affordability, and sustainability but also to ensure power security in the face of global challenges.

The campaign underscores the economic, political, and environmental advantages of transitioning to distributed energy systems (DES) using renewable energy sources.

Technologically and financially feasible and environmentally responsible, renewable energy attracts investments, lowers long-term energy costs, and fosters job creation, contributing to the province's economic growth. Moreover, the shift to cleaner energy sources catalyzes innovation in related industries, fostering economic diversification and growth.

Governor Lacson highlighted the importance of government commitment and policies, stating, "The road may be long, but it will be bright if we all work together to make our Province truly the Renewable Energy Capital of the Philippines!."

Negros Occidental, already a top producer of solar electricity in the country, can become a model for sustainable energy practices. The province hosts five solar power firms operating six plants, with the Solar Farm in Cadiz City being Southeast Asia's largest solar farm, generating a remarkable 132.5 MW of power.

The SecuRE Negros campaign leverages multi-stakeholder engagement strategies for a just transition, emphasizing that the adoption of renewable energy empowers all stakeholders in the province. This is both an investment in future generations and an express commitment to climate action, mitigating the impacts of the climate and energy crises.

The official campaign logo was unveiled at the launch event, symbolizing the province's dedication to a sustainable and resilient energy future. The logo reflects the essence of SecuRE Negros and its commitment to renewable energy practices, ensuring power security for generations to come.

To increase public support for the provincial government's policy and programs on renewable energy, SecuRE Negros calls for a whole-of-society approach. Stakeholders, including the general public, financing institutions, power producers, distribution utilities, national government agencies, and local governments, are encouraged to participate actively in this transformative journey.

As Negros Occidental embarks on this renewable energy transition, the SecuRE Negros campaign is poised to shape not only the province's future but also serve as a beacon for regions around the world. The launch marks sustainability, resilience, and power security at the forefront of the provincial agenda.