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A Background

The Province of Negros Occidental is currently undertaking a bold and ambitious initiative that aims to address both the impending climate and energy crises through the development of the Negros Occidental Energy Development Roadmap.

Through a series of consultative and participatory activities with all stakeholders, it aims to institutionalize the above-mentioned roadmap. With this, it is crucial that the major stakeholders and the public are informed of the effort and the benefits of working towards a renewable, reliable, accessible, affordable, and sustainable energy system for the province.

Photovoltaic Solar System on a Roof

SecuRE Negros is not just a campaign; it is a commitment to securing the energy future of Negros Occidental through the transformative power of renewable energy. In the face of impending climate and energy challenges, the Province is taking a bold step towards a sustainable and resilient future. The campaign encapsulates a collective effort to establish a robust and reliable energy system that not only safeguards against power disruptions but also champions the principles of accessibility, affordability, and sustainability.