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The SecuRE Negros


February 9, 2024

Did you know that Negros possesses the capacity to generate surplus renewable energy? Despite this potential, we've relied on centralized power imports via Panay and Cebu. It's time for a transformative shift with the introduction of SecuRE Negros— a leap towards achieving energy security. By utilizing our abundant renewable resources, Negros is poised to transition into a beacon of clean, renewable energy, setting the stage for a sustainable future.

In line with this commitment, the Province of Negros Occidental (PGNO) embarks on a visionary journey to create the Negros Occidental Energy Development Roadmap. This strategic initiative, tailored to combat climate and energy crises, seeks to institutionalize a comprehensive plan through extensive stakeholder consultation.

Negros, armed with a surplus of renewable energy, is redefining its power narrative through the SecuRE Negros —an initiative spearheaded by the provincial government. It marks a pivotal moment in our collective journey toward energy security. Join us in this transformative endeavor, ensuring that Negros not only meets but exceeds its energy needs—a testament to our commitment to a sustainable and resilient future. Together, let's move towards energy security! ⚡🌱

Stay informed about the latest developments on the SecuRE Negros campaign by following the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental on Facebook. For in-depth information, visit and follow our website, and unite with us in this exciting journey towards a greener and more resilient Negros. Abanse Negrense!